The innovation of PA value processes depends more and more on new interface logics with the reference public, whether internal (e.g.: citizenship, businesses working in the territory, associations) or external (e.g.: tourists and businesses to attract). From this perspective, the marketing principles find an interesting field of application in the “public”, with the aim of increasing the PA’s ability to identify the more relevant drivers of value to be activated (including with the active involvement of the users), planning formulas of differentiated value, transferring the value planned and created in an adequate manner, measuring the overall performance obtained and evaluating any actions for improvement.

With regard to this, examples are territorial marketing initiatives, ever more frequently launched in our country as well to position the territories in a clear and distinctive way in the national and international competitive context, allowing each territory’s full potential to be achieved, in line with its “vocation”. We only need consider territorial tourist development, that can no longer be separated from logics of conscious market orientation (that does not end with mere communication, which is only the end stage of a much broader process), in an increasingly more complex global competitive scenario.


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