Advanced training

The Public Value Research Centre promotes and coordinates interactive professional development and Advanced Training activities based on active learning, with reference to the centre’s 10 thematic areas.

The advanced training initiatives, which are continuously being updated, take place at the University of Ferrara Department of Economics and Management, also in partnership with the PERF.ET. Master. The training is delivered online, either synchronous (in streaming) or asynchronous (Distance learning), by e-learning solutions for all standard training courses.

Some of the standard training courses are accredited by the National School of Administration (SNA), to gain Professional Training Credits for the ongoing training of individuals enrolled in the National Independent Performance Evaluation Body (OIV) and in the Professional Order of Accountants and Tax Advisors (ODCEC).


The Research centre is chosen to design and organise ad hoc and tailor-made training courses and courses based on specific needs and requirements, to train and update staff on favourable terms.

Training can be delivered in house, on the premises of wherever the recipient(s) is/are located or alternatively accessed online by means of e-learning solutions.

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