Working in Public Administration: young people seek career prospects, compensation and meritocracy

12 April 2024

Ferrara, April 12, 2024. The Public Value Research Centre (CERVAP) organized the open day “The Generation of Public Value: How Young People Will Innovate Public Administrations,” in collaboration with MAPS Group.

During the event, preliminary results of a CERVAP survey involving young participants were presented. The data reveals that young people would be more motivated to work in Public Administration with clear career prospects (69%), higher salaries (60%), and a greater focus on merit (56%).

Professor Enrico Deidda Gagliardo, Founder and Scientific Director of CERVAP, commented: “The initial survey results highlight a perception of the PA environment still tied to dynamics not keeping pace with the rapid changes in the labor market. These inputs are essential for evolving towards a more inclusive and forward-looking Public Administration, capable of attracting and valuing young talent.”

Among the guests were Gianni Dominici, CEO of FPA – FORUMPA (Digital 360 Group), Marcello Fiori, Head of the Public Function Department, Antonio Naddeo, President of ARAN, Mariano Corso, Scientific Director of P4I and Scientific Board of Digital Innovation Observatories, Denita Cepiku, Professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Francesca Gagliarducci, Secretary-General of the Ministry of University and Research, Alessandro Bacci, Director-General of Personnel at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Michele Camisasca, Director-General of ISTAT, Francesco Raphael Frieri, Director-General of Resources, Europe, Innovation and Institutions of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Luca Comper, General Manager of the Department of Organization, Personnel and General Affairs of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Sandro Mazzatorta, Director-General of the Municipality of Ferrara, Marco Pisano, Director-General of the University of Ferrara, and Marco De Giorgi, Director-General of the Department of Cohesion Policies – Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

What innovative initiatives might young people undertake if they became Public Administration managers? The results emphasize the need to invest in digitalization (59%), streamline bureaucracy (59%), and improve the internal organizational climate (58%).

In addition to career and compensation, young people also seek consistency with their studies and easier, clearer access to employment. The importance of a serene and trustworthy work environment emerged as a key element.

This event and the survey results provide important insights into how young people can contribute to Public Administration innovation and how institutions can become more attractive and stimulating for the new talents in our country.

Organisational Health, Public Value

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